Tracie has a heart for women in many life stages; mothers, marrieds and singles. Through life experiences, she enjoys giving hope to others. Tracie grew up in the Arizona desert and spent a few years in the Midwest as an adult. Her current community is on the road as she travels the majority of the year with her husband.

Her favorite part of travel is attending different churches across the country, seeking out volunteer opportunities, meeting new friends and seeing the local church through a wider lens, as the Church.

Tracie’s messages focus on: women’s hopes, fears, busy demands and the one thing that needs to be in every relationship. She teaches women how creepers, creep and how women are always armed and encourages them to use their protection. Along with how to avoid asking, “Is this as good as it gets?”. Whatever topic she is speaking on, she brings encouragement and hope.  

Tracie’s travel articles have been published in varying publications based on her travels. She also writes devotionals. You can find her devotions at ChristianDevotions.US and